1998 1999 2000 Toyota Sienna 3.0L Catalytic Converter FEDERAL EMISSIONS

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  • PART#: TED99002
  • VENDOR NAME: TED Exhaust Inc.
  • TYPE: Catalytic Converter
  • SKU: TED99002
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1998 1999 2000 Toyota Sienna 3.0L Catalytic Converter
Toyota Sienna 3.0L six cylinder direct-fit front y-pipe with 2 flexes and catalytic converter (FEDERAL EMISSIONS MODEL ONLY); this catalytic converter bolts up at the top to manifold/header on the radiator side and firewall side. In the rear this converter bolts on to the middle muffler assembly. O2 sensor port is placed on the front pipe just like OEM for easy installation.
This unit comes in two pieces for easy and hassle-free installation.
Please note this catalytic converter will only fit models that have two flex pipes on their front catalytic converter; please inspect before purchasing!

  • Body height 3.500″
  • Body length 10.000″
  • Body Material Stainless Steel
  • Body Width 6.125″
  • Overall Length 68.375″
  • Oxygen sensor location Post Catalyst
  • Universal Or Specific Fit Direct Fit
  • Body Shape Round
  • Substrate Material Ceramic
  • Restricted States: California




Catalytic Converters are emission control devices which are designed to last the life of the vehicle and do not normally require replacement. Furthermore, if the vehicle is properly used and maintained, original converters are covered by the emission control warranty for 8 years or 80,000 miles. Federal law prohibits repair businesses from replacing these devices except under certain limited circumstances. In order to verify that proper circumstances exist, the owner of the vehicle should first consult with their technician to ensure that your part indeed needs changing.

Our catalytic converters are warrantied for 5 years/50 000 miles. This is a comprehensive warranty which covers the body and other external defects. It warranties against check engine lights and guarantees your emission or smog test pass! There is NO warranty on converters that are melted, broken, overheated, or physical damages. We do not cover installation and or issue labor refunds. All items ship in perfectly working condition. Please see our info section as to why converters fail and what to do to prevent damaging your new product. WARRANTY IS FOR REPLACEMENT ONLY NOT REFUND!

To submit a warranty claim please visit our Submit Warranty Claim page.

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